Overview with a Focus on Level 1 and Building Capacity Submissions, Including New to IUSE: EHR Submissions

Dr. Ellen Carpenter
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Ellen M. Carpenter, Ph.D.
Program Director
National Science Foundation
Portrait photo of Andrea Nixon
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Andrea L. Nixon, Ph.D.
Program Director
Carleton College

The IUSE: EHR program seeks to promote novel, creative, and transformative approaches to generating and using new knowledge about STEM teaching and learning to improve STEM education for all undergraduates. The program supports proposals interested in improving undergraduate education, developing faculty expertise, preparing K-12 teachers, and providing all undergraduate students with STEM competencies and a basic understanding of STEM concepts and principles. All projects must contribute to the body of knowledge about what works in undergraduate STEM education and the conditions that lead to improved STEM teaching and learning. The Level 1 and Building Capacity tiers encourage submission from investigators and institutions that have not received prior IUSE: EHR funding, and we also encourage submissions in response to the New to IUSE: EHR Dear Colleague Letter (NSF 20-034).

For information about the program or proposal solicitation, contact: elcarpen@nsf.gov and anixon@nsf.gov