Summer Labs

Catalyzing Inclusive, Transformative Undergraduate STEM Education
How will you seize this moment to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion to improve undergraduate STEM education?

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Main Session

Developing a New Faculty Model to Improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Tuesday, June 22nd at 2:00 – 5:00pm ET

This session challenges traditional notions of tenure, department culture, and expectations for faculty in undergraduate STEM education. After a featured keynote, you will join our speakers for one of three concurrent conversations focused on systemic issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion at the faculty level. Conversations include examining equity within faculty recruitment and tenure systems, creating cultural change within STEM departments, and confronting common challenges encountered by faculty at Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).


AAAS Introduction – 2:00pm ET

  • Travis York, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Keynote with Q&A – 2:10pm ET


Concurrent Sessions – 3:00pm ET

Reimagining a More Equitable Tenure System to Recruit and Support Faculty

  •  How can the tenure process be demystified to support a more diverse and inclusive faculty?
  • What are successful strategies and pathways to recruit and prepare URMs for the STEM Professoriate?
  • What are some inclusive mentoring practices that can be leveraged to aid in transitioning from graduate school/postdocs?
  • What are some evidence-based practices to aid STEM faculty in improving skills that enhance their scholar identity?
  • How can we assist new faculty with balancing new demands and expectations?

Call for Departmental/Institutional Change to Broaden Participation

  • What are some evidenced-based strategies to incentivize change at both levels?
  • How can faculty lead the charge?
  • What are some effective tools that can be leveraged? (resources and training etc.)
  • What are benefits and challenges to mass/pooled hiring strategies to improve DEI in STEM faculty recruiting?

Unique Challenges Faced by MSI and URM STEM Faculty

  • How can MSIs build research and teaching capacity?
  • What are some best practices regarding strategic collaboration and partnership?
  • Invisible labor: How can faculty at MSIs mitigate assignments to mentoring, service commitments and programmatic efforts that do not lead to tenure?
  • What are some non-traditional professional development opportunities that can be leveraged to improve tenure success for URM STEM faculty, specifically at PWIs?

A Call To Action – 4:00pm ET


Networking Session – 4:30pm ET

Project Exploration

IUSE Project Office Hours

Tuesday, June 29th at 2:00 – 4:00pm ET

The IUSE community is always creating. From online games that help students master statistics to pedagogical resources for teaching in a pandemic, there is no limit to the innovative work of the IUSE community.  

Are you developing a project deliverable that benefits undergraduate STEM education? Are you seeking feedback to strengthen your deliverables? Are you looking for partnership opportunities and connections that can help you implement your project?

Submit your project deliverables for IUSE Project Office Hours and get matched with experts in the IUSE community. These experts will test and/or review your project deliverables and then meet with you to provide candid feedback. You will have the opportunity to pose questions, discuss collaboration opportunities, and take advantage of the exceptional talent and ingenuity that exists within the IUSE community. 

Your work will also be made available for the larger IUSE community to review and connect with you.

Thank you for your submissions. The submissions window is now closed. You will be contacted by June 11th if your project is accepted.




Archived Summer Lab Events

  • New & Recent Awardee Session

    NSF personnel provide an overview on managing your IUSE grant.

  • What Happens When Things Go Off the Rails?

    Grant management for when the best laid plans don't go as planned. How can projects leverage lessons learned to better adapt to future changes?

  • Centering Identity

    The Design of An Inclusive Teaching Course for STEM Faculty. Becoming an inclusive STEM educator requires a deep understanding of the challenges learners face.

  • Vision into Practice

    An Emerging Theory of Change Model for Integrating Undergraduate Research into Departmental and Institutional Cultures.

  • Part 1: Pedagogical Professional Development for STEM Faculty

    In this workshop, presenters share strategies for implementing a professional development framework.

  • Part 2: Pedagogical Professional Development for STEM Faculty

    In this working session, experts work together to compare and contrast pedagogical or teaching-focused professional development.

  • Utilizing a Principles-Focused Approach for Change Efforts

    Why is it that projects designed to improve undergraduate STEM education do not always have a positive or lasting impact?

Interested in Speaking at AAAS-IUSE Events?

Looking for opportunities to share your work? This initiative features opportunities for individuals affiliated with IUSE awards to speak at events (like this one) or share your project resources. If you have research, strategies, or best practices related to undergraduate STEM education, we want to hear from you.